HVC​-​​ខ្ពស់ capacitor សេ​រ៉ា​មិច​តង់ស្យុង​រោងចក្រ

HVC is emerging brand and premium high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturers. Established in 1999, with production plant of 6000 square meter in Southern China, we are specialized in high voltage components, such as HV ceramic caps and HV resistor custom production. Our component with actually experience replacing TDK, Vishay or Morgan’s high voltage capacitors, well accepted by world class machine manufacturers.

For HV ceramic capacitors with rated DC voltage from 1kv to 50kv and capacitance up to 15000 pf in 40KV. Now we offer 400+ standard spec component,ceramic dielectric including class I: SL,UJ,NP0,class II like X7E,X7F,X7R,Y5S,Y5T,Y5U,Y5V, and most important N4700. which is widely use in high end product for its very nice withstand ability and low dissipation factor and quite high insulation resistance . N4700 class with our own patent.

HVC capacitor apply same quality standard of Vishay. We produce both ceramic disc caps and door knob caps. Our door knob HV caps already widely used in smart grid project in USA, Germany. Ceramic disc caps already adopt by world class clients like Philips and Neusoft Medical Systems,Mindray, Landwind,GE,SIMEMS, Carestream,HITACHI,HONAPA,EEV, and other clients from Europe,Asian and Middle East.

Our HV resistors are thick film non-inductive type, surface coating, built-in high voltage, minimum size, bigger power, wider range resistance features. Power from 1/4W to 50W, resistance range 10-1000M, perfectly apply in AC, DC pulse circuits. Pb free ROHS comply. Customer can use our HV resistor to match our HV caps item.

We believe Germany quality pursuit and Asian pricing strategy bring us great successful.

Major Product Range

HVC specialized in manufacturing high voltage component by ceramic material, including high voltage ceramic capacitor, high voltage doorknob capacitor,high voltage resistor,RF power capacitor and high voltage SMD capacitors.

  1. តង់ស្យុងខ្ពស់សស្អាត capacitor
    Class 1 SL,N4700
    Class 2 X7R, Y5P, Z5U, Y5V, X5F,Y5U,Y5T
    10 PF ដើម្បី 33 000 PF
    1 kV ដើម្បី 50 kV
    X-Ray , CT, MRI , Medical Equipment , Laser Equipment, Plasma Generator , NDT ……
  2. capacitor ដេទា្វាតង់ស្យុងខ្ពស់
    100pF to 15000pF
    10kV to 100 kV
  3. Resistor តង់ស្យុងខ្ពស់

    Same to EBG quality level.
    Thick film planar resistor
    ភាព​ធន់​ទ្រាំ​ទៅ: 200 OHM to 2G OHM
    ការ​អត់ឱន: 2​% ទៅ 10​%
    សី​តុ​ណ្ហា​ភាព coefficient : best 50ppm/°C

  4. RF ទទួលបាន capacitor ថាមពល

    N750 Ceramic Dielectric

    Plate type and Finger Terminal type

    Replacement to Vishay,Morgan, HEC.

  5. High Voltage SMD Capacitors

    Medium to high voltage SMD capacitor:



    Safety certificated SMD capacitor:

    X1/Y2 NP0X7R 、X2/Y3 NP0 X7R

    Various application:

    Smart remote control power, Smart lighting, WiFi power,

    unmanned remote-controlled cameras, remote-controlled

    cameras, unmanned aircraft power supply, high voltage

    DC power supply module, automotive power modules,

    power supply module, charging system, motor drive, G4, G9

    bulb power charging power supply power supply, filament

    lamp power supply module, ADSL,HID ballast, LED constant current

    driver, as well as various power supplies.


Best high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer for Medical Industry and Military.

Best alternative and replacement for International brand : Vishay, Murata, AVX. TDK, HEC, Morgan

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Brief History of Our Company

ខែមីនា 1994

State own electronic component factory.

February, 1998

Become private own manufacturer, reconstruction.

ខែមីនា 2004

Major product change from ceramic disc capacitor to high voltage ceramic capacitor,start produce doorknob capacitor

ខែមីនា 2006

Own invention of N4700 ceramic dielectric.


Become supplier for PHILIPS medical department.

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