Feature Application for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Feature Application for High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor.

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Feature Application for High Voltage Ceramic  Capacitor

High voltage ceramic capacitor – basic knowledge learning

High voltage ceramic capacitors: the use of high voltage ceramic capacitors in power systems,such as power system measurement, energy storage, partial pressure and other products, willbe used in high voltage ceramic capacitors. High voltage ceramic capacitors in the LED lighting industry has been widely used and is not in the light of the status, high voltage ceramic capacitor is with high dielectric constant ceramic capacitor “barium titanate titania” squeezed into tubes,disk or disk as the medium, and burning osmosis for silver plating on ceramics as the electrode made of.

High voltage ceramic capacitor feature
1 capacity loss with high temperature frequency stability
2 special series structure is suitable for high voltage and long term working reliability.
3 high current rate of climb and is suitable for large current loop non sense structure
4 good resistance to high pressure performance, the rated voltage of more than 100kV,
the pressure value is greater than 200kv.

High voltage ceramic capacitor – Application in circuit.

1. High voltage ceramic capacitor with wearable DC high voltage characteristics,suitable for high pressure by pass and coupling circuit, the low loss high voltage disc has a low dielectric loss, high voltage ceramic capacitor if the needle for high-frequency, high-voltage ceramic capacitors due to use in any situation, typical role can eliminate the high frequency interference.
2. High voltage ceramic capacitors used in high power and high voltage fields require small, high voltage and frequency characteristics. In recent years, with the progress of materials, electrode and manufacturing technology, the development of high voltage ceramic capacitor has made great progress, and has been widely used. High voltage ceramic capacitor has become one of the indispensable components. of high power high voltage electronic products.

3. The use of high voltage ceramic capacitor is divided into power supply, power distribution system and equipment for processing pulse energy. Because the power system of special * flow high voltage, high frequency, in outdoor environments -40 degrees to + 60, lightning voltage / current, and so on a variety of factors, resulting in a high voltage ceramic capacitor in R & D and production has been in a dilemma: harsh environment, a capacitor with a super strong stability, namely the change rate; at the same time, the measurement and energy storage, partial pressure and other products require high precision, this in the environment of high voltage ceramic capacitor, partial discharge value has a very stringent requirements: partial discharge is zero.

High voltage ceramic capacitor, classification

1. Bolt cylindrical type (doorknob type or screw terminal type)

2. Radial Lead type plate 

3. Plate with claw type (plate and claw finger,RF power capacitor)

5. Capacitor series(or call capacitor chain,mostly for powder coating industry.)

6. The capacitor mandrel. other special custom capacitor


Comparison of characteristics of high voltage ceramic disc capacitor (yellow) and high voltage ceramic capacitor(blue):

Characteristics of high voltage ceramic capacitors
1 Does not require authentication(certificate)
2 Ultra high pressure can reach 7KV again as rare,
3 Print mode and Y capacity than the country does not have to fight in the product surface,
4 Voltage minimum can be up to 16V 5 maximum 2.5 times the normal production is 1.5 times

The standard test A type material AC breakdown voltage characteristics of the outside withepoxy resin molding package of the breakdown voltage of the ceramic capacitor factory.With the gap length G (wafer radius and electrode radius difference) relationship. Thediameter of the capacitor is 18mm, the material dielectric constant is 1460, and the electrodeis the silver electrode. Test conditions for 25 DEG C, 50Hz AC voltage is applied, a voltage rise rate ZkV/s high-voltage ceramic capacitors features: commonly used in high pressure situations. I kind of ceramic ceramic, porcelain porcelain of class II, class III, class I porcelain.Np0, temperature characteristics, frequency and voltage characteristics of good, because of the dielectric constant is not high, so the capacity of small; class II porcelain, X7R times,voltage and temperature characteristics of better; class III porcelain, high dielectric constant,so capacity can be great, but temperature and voltage characteristics is not very good.


hv capacitor application


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