January 4, 2017

A General Overview of Non-Inductive Type Capacitors in India

A General Overview of Non-Inductive Type Capacitors in India

A capacitor or a condenser temporarily stores electrical energy in an electrical field as a passive two-terminal electrical component. The capacitors have various practical forms, but most of them have one thing in common i.e. two electrical conductors separated by a dielectric. The action of a dielectric is to increase the capacitor’s charging capacity. The conductors of a capacitor can commonly be films, foils, conductive electrolytes or sintered beads of metal. Materials commonly used for dielectrics are glass, ceramic, plastic film, paper, mica and oxide layers etc. The capacitors, unlike resistors, do not dissipate energy. Instead, it stores energy in between its plates in the form of electrostatic fields.

Various Types of Capacitors:

Capacitors are useful for electronic devices to increase the signal between stages of amplifiers. Different types of capacitors are used for the circuits depending on their voltage capacity, current handling capacity and other properties. Among all the prototypes here are the main five commonly used capacitors among the film capacitors.

Capacitors with Film Foil Material:

Film foil capacitors generally have two metal foil electrodes which are separated by an insulating plastic film also known as dielectric. The terminals are connected by means of welding or soldering to the end-faces of the electrodes. These capacitors can resist high insulation. They have excellent capability of current carrying and pulse handling with good capacitance stability.

Capacitors with Axial Lead:

Axial capacitors are available in various sizes and configurations, which may also include leaded devices and surface mounted chips. Leaded styles have axial leads. The basic capacitor element is similar to all styles. The chip consists of formulated dielectric materials.

Capacitors Used For Speakerphones:

The box type capacitor is generally used for building relatively bigger electronic equipment with a box type in-built circuit. They store the capacitance in the measurement of farads which is important in a number of applications.

The Other Reliable Capacitors:

Inductive capacitors are suitable for applications using low voltage and low frequency. They are less expensive for production. The production process of this capacitor is simple and suitable for low capacitance values.

The non-inductive type capacitors in India are suitable for both low and high voltage applications. In a non-inductive capacitor, high capacitance value is obtained in a very compact size. The reliability of these capacitors is relatively high.

A resistor is a device which has resistance to the path of an electric current. But unlike the resistors, all of these capacitors are ideal for storing electric charge, which consists of more than one pair of conductors separated by an insulator.

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