December 30, 2016

Can I Touch Or Get Hit With A Tesla Coil Arc Without Getting Injured?

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by h080

Can I Touch Or Get Hit With A Tesla Coil Arc Without Getting Injured?

I am interested in Tesla coils but do not know what damage they can do to people. I want to know can I come in contact with one of the arcs they generate without getting hurt or feeling pain. But I will appreciate any advice you have.

I want to be able to conduct the electricity through my body to produce arcs from my fingertips or a piece of metal or whatever I have to use. Please don’t say “I don’t know anything. There are actually conflicting viewpoints on this one:

Tesla coils are high voltage generators, but they are not usually high current generators. Current is usually what kills you. For example, a car battery is only 6V, but it is at such a current (amperage) that it can easily kill you, whereas the shock you get from a doorknob is several thousand volts, but it is at such a low current that it is harmless. You will not die from electrocution from a Tesla coil.

However, Tesla coils generate their high voltage at a very high frequency. The high frequency can easily give you RF burns and damage your skin from repeated strikes. There also has been some research done that suggests that prolonged exposure to high-frequency arcs can damage your eyes from the UV radiation emitted. If you are shocked enough, the RF can also cause nerve and muscle damage.

Basically, you have nothing to worry about if the coil strikes you a couple of times; just do not let it repeatedly shock you. Also, do not ever touch any part of the primary circuit (the capacitors and the power source) while the coil is on. This is high-current and it will kill you.

Just for the sake of completeness:

-You cannot feel the output from a Tesla coil (assuming that it is a well-made one).

-To avoid burns, hold a piece of metal rather than allowing the arcs to go straight to your body.

-You can do the fingertip thing a few times, but there are many safer and more cost-effective alternatives to risking permanent nerve damage with a Tesla coil.

– Just to get an idea of how to avoid touching the wrong part of the circuit, I would familiarize myself with coil anatomy before attempting any stunts. Please post again if you need any help building or researching coils.

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