May 9, 2016

Capacitor Charging Systems — Application for hv ceramic capacitor –

Capacitor Charging Systems — Application for hv ceramic capacitor –

These capacitor chargers are designed for the researcher or advanced hobbyist who may be experimenting with anything from railguns to can crushers, and of course many applications in between. A suitable charging system must allow a programmable amount of voltage to be dialed in so as not overcharge the storage capacitors. It must also not consume valuable real electric power through a charging resistor.

Programmable Electronic Capacitor Charger
Available in Three Units • from 200 to 1,000 Volts • 1000 to 5000 volts • 5000 to 10,000 volts

Intended to charge up energy storage capacitors for single event discharges like kinetic weapons, wire exploding, can crushing, explosives metal forming, fracking, and other applications where high peak electrical energy is required in the form of a high brisance explosive like discharge. Units are built with safety as priority and are intended for the professional researcher and hobbyist /student aware of high voltage circuitry and safety. Chargers are used in several of our high power impulse discharge circuits. (See video downloads.)

Fully programmable efficient electronic circuit charges up all capacitor types from 200V to 10kV in 3 models at recommended capacities from 1 ufd and upwards. Example: Charging a 1000 ufd capacitor to 5000 volts equates out to over 12,500 joules!


  • Units are each voltage programmable by the charge voltage control on the front panel.
  • A charge rate control allows adjustment of charging current/charging time and is especially useful when charging smaller capacitance values (new feature!).
  • A meter monitors the charge voltage as it builds to the preset value and then stops.
  • A push button starts the charging; a second push button aborts the charging.
  • A selector switch allows manual or automatic charging. Manual charging is where charging ceases once the preset value is reached, and operator must push the charge button to maintain the preset voltage. Automatic charging keeps the capacitor indefinitely at the preset value; capacitors automatically charge to and maintain this voltage until discharged, where the cycle repeats (pushing the “stop” button will end the charging cycle).
  • A safety lamp displays any charge over 70 volts that remains on the capacitors.
  • Charging is lossless and does not use a resistor for current control. It is controlled by our unique circuitry.
  • Input power can be either 115/230 VAC power. Charging rate is > 200 to 400 watt-sec.
  • Size is 10.5 x 7 x 3.75″ and weight is about 5 pounds.



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