May 10, 2016

High Power Pulse Generator / Gun — Application for HV ceramic capacitor —

High Power Pulse Generator / Gun — Application for HV ceramic capacitor —

Advanced unit intended for experienced personnel in this field wanting to experiment with coupling and pulse emission methods

Assembled pulse wave generators in choice of 12 vdc or 115 vac. Pulse rate up to 20 per minute – Requires emitter antenna and waveguide parallel terminated transmission line (not included).

Attention to those wanting to build their own EMP Pulse Gun

We now have assembly schematics, instruction booklet, 20 colored photos of construction, and other data for those wanting to build a medium- to high-power pulse source. Plans show using the latest fast-discharge 100kV high energy density capacitors capable of 1500 joules energy storage. This energy is switched using the latest triggered spark switching technology providing very steep rise times at multi-gigawatt peak powers. Included data shows Current controlled programmable charger, Trigger circuitry, Discharge circuit and all other necessary data. Antennas and wave guides are shown.

Complete Shock Pulse Systems Crated With All Setup Instructions

Sold only to qualified research companies and personnel

Electromagnetic EMP Blaster Gun, Gen II


A 10-stage Marx generator built of ten 10nf per stage provides 1nf of erected capacitance. This section is built into a pressure chamber of 210mm diameter & 2500mm length. The Marx generator is fed by a three-stage high voltage power supply with an input of 230 volts 50/60Hz. This D.C. to D.C. converter generates 0 to 20kV DC which is fed to the Marx input for charging the capacitors.

The Marx output of 90kV to 160kV pulse is fed to a peaking capacitor of 30pf to 180pf for shaping the pulse. The output peaking gap is fixed to shape the pulse further. The Marx now charges the output capacitor. This capacitor (coaxial oil filled capacitor) discharges into the load through the peaking gap. The entire system is coaxial made further enhancing the effectiveness.


  • Random HV Generator.
  • HV HF Source for plasma Generation.
  • Pulse Power Source for Z-Pinch study.
  • High Voltage High Current Linear Injector.
  • Use as a emp Generator with a properly designed TEM Cell.

The EMP pulser with a special Antenna is capable of shutting down a computer at a distance of 15 meters. It generates a steep 2 nanosecond rise time >2 Giga-watt pulse into a parallel plate transmission line type of Antenna.

The “EMP Blaster Gun” is suitable for many small experiments requiring radiating EMP waves. The system utilizes a high voltage discharge of 100Kv to 160Kv at a pulse repetitive rate of 1pps. It can also ignite highly explosive fuels in close proximity or contact.

When fixed with a parallel plate antenna, even of mismatched impedance, about 15Kv / meter are produced at a distance of 2 meters (with a generated voltage of 160Kv output). With a coaxial design, the radiated waveform will have a rise time of under 50 nanoseconds, and a field strength of 15 to 30Kv / meter at distance of 1 to 2 meters.

Please note that the system will fail if operated into a short circuit.

General specifications for the “EMP Blaster Gun” are as follows:

  • Operating voltage : 230 volts / 50 Hz or 110 volts / 60 Hz
  • Maximum output : 160Kv 13 Joule pulse of Rise time < 50 nanoseconds.
  • Maximum PRR at 1 pps duty 1 minute ON & 5 Minutes OFF
  • Gas required : Dry Nitrogen at a pressure of 30 PSI (2 Atmosphere)
  • The system utilizes a 10 stage Marx Generator with peaking gap.
  • Coaxial constructed in a stainless steel metal cylinder 210 cm in diameter.
  • 90kV to 160kV maximum by mechanical adjustment of spark gaps inside the construction as also from gas pressure variation


  • Capacitance per stage : 10nf / 20kV
  • Erected capacitance : 1nf / 20kV
  • Impedance of the system : 40 Ohms
  • Length of System : 2.5meters
  • Diameter of System : 300mm overall
  • Weight : Generator < 175kg; Antenna 30kg; Total 205kg maximum


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