May 19, 2016

High Power Table Top Tesla Coil –

High Power Table Top Tesla Coil —

Get Up and Close to One of Natures Most Spectacular Events!

Coil produces a Wall of Fiery Arcs and Sparks. The quality of the assembly can be used in a Museum or any other type of display. The design is very robust with a display quite spectacular for a coil of this size, and is able to be placed on a table for display (though 2 people will be needed to lift it).

The original unit was built for the New Hampshire Public Service Company. They wanted a display to show their linemen how lightning can travel along power lines, breakdown insulators, damage transformers, demonstrate the advantage of lightning rods on homes and a lot of other related issues. The display was also featured on several television networks. The display is still traveling around the country.

Power enough for most R&D experiments able to throw long sparks of electricity into the air, and runs from a standard 115 vac 20 amp wall outlet (for international use, please specify if 220 vac is required). The primary of the transformer is fully bypassed with heavy-duty polypropylene capacitors to prevent dangerous line surges from going back into your power system. The power cord is a 14 gauge three wire for heavy-duty use.

The spark gap is air-cooled with a high output muffin fan and uses three 2 x 3/8″ pure tungsten electrodes that rarely requiring cleaning or dressing. The tungsten electrodes are easily adjusted to help vary the length of the output discharge. This can be used to increase or decrease the recommended running time of your coil. The output terminal is a 20” toroid. Overall size is 20″x20″ base, and 48″ tall.

  • Air-Cooled Tungsten Spark Gap
  • 115 Operation
  • Parts Individually Available

Hardware is all brass or nylon where required with the primary coil being all copper tubing.

Our coils use capacitors specially built and designed for Tesla coil applications. They are not the MMC type multiple capacitors that are cheaper yet do work quite well but not as reliable as the oil filled polypropylene capacitors designed for the high primary currents, reverse of voltages and other electrical phenomena that a Tesla coil capacitor must endure.

Our Transformers used in our designs do not require the complex protection circuits that other neon sign Transformers require. Our Transformers were specially built with internal protection against voltage transients and only require a simple resistor in each output when operating up to two units!

Assembly: The assembled version is fully built and ready to use; the kit requires wiring and soldering with some basic mechanical assembly (the secondary coil does not need to be fabricated as this comes fully wound and assembled).

Applications: Use as an advanced science project, museum display, special effects prop, and research (such as the electrical confinement beaming of high frequency electricity for weapons), and other uses.

Attention Museums! This Tesla coil is built using transparent polycarbonate to reveal the inner wiring. This is truly a spectacular looking device!

Please note that the BTC60 is a heavy/bulky item and shipping may exceed the amount shown — we will notify you of the exact amount & get your confirmation before we ship your order.


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