March 24, 2016

high voltage ceramic capacitor 5kv super capacitor high voltage

high voltage ceramic capacitor 5kv super capacitor high voltage


1.Increase the power factor
2.Reduce line loss
3.Improve the quality of voltage
2.Non PCB ,no harmful gas
5.CE apprvoal

BAM(BFM) ALL Film High Voltage Shunt Capacitors


Structure description

1. Capacitor made of shell and core, shell body constructed of thick steel sheet being soldiered. Outgoing porcelain bushing welded and passed through
top cover of capacitor, two sides of shell provided with two lifting brackets, one of lifting bracket assembled with earthing bolt.
2. Capacitor core has several elements and insulated parts to be stacked. It uses Polypropylene film as medium and Al foil as polar plate to be rolled.
3. In order to work in different voltage rating, the elements in core will be connected in series or parallel. As required, the discharging resistance can be


Main Technical Parameter

1. The relative error between capacitance and rating shall not exceed -5%~+5% or capacitor unit.
2. For the three-phase capacitor, the ratio of maxi and minimum capacitances between any two phase terminals shall not exceed 1.08.
3. For the full film capacitor, Tangent of capacitor loss angle shall not exceed 0.0005, for the film and paper mixed capacitor, it shall not exceed 0.0012
4. Each capacitor shall withstand alternating U = 2.15U or DC voltage Ut = 4.3U voltage between terminals, test duration 10s, it shall have no break t N n
down and flashover.
5. AC voltage test between terminal and shell: all capacitors whose all terminals insulated from outer shell shall comply with the requirement of clause
18.1 in the standard of GB/711024.1-2010: during test, no breakdown and flashover shall happen.
6. Power frequency steady over-voltage and its running time of capacitor and the elements shall comply with sheet 2. In order to extend the working life,
the capacitor shall run under voltage not over ratings.
7. The capacitor is allowed to work under not over 1.3I steady over-current for long time which caused by rising voltage and high harmonics, for the n
capacitor with maxi positive deviation, the permissible current up to 1.37I . In order to extend the service life, the capacitor shall work under rated n
8. The capacitor can withstand the surge up to 100 times of rated current, the times of such surging impact shall not exceed 1000, among these, some
of surging impact shall happen at the capacitor inside temperature not more than 0°C.
9. The capacitor with built-in resistance, can discharge automatically and the voltage between terminals shall fall down to 75V or lower within 10 minutes.
10. High voltage shunt capacitor (more than 1000V) complies with national standard GB/T11024.1-2010 (eqv. IEC871-1)



1. All these series capacitors serve for common ambient conditions, standard category for capacitor covers -40/A,-25/A,-5/A,-5/C, working
altitude not more than 1000m
2. The capacitors shall be mounted in the place where there shall comply with the requirement of clause 5.1, the capacitor for indoor use shall be mounted
on the place where there has no corrosive steam and gas, and snow, rain, dust can’t be accessible, and well ventilated.
3. The capacitor can be mounted on steel support, layout not more than 3 layers, each layer not more than two rows. In order to get good ventilating, the
clearance between capacitors in each layer shall not less than 200mm, outdoor capacitor shall have 300mm at least, and the top of the capacitor shall
have 1000mm away from house roof at least.
4. The horizontal separated plate shall not be mounted, or it may block air flow. Outlet for cooling air shall be mounted on the top of each group of capacitors.
5. Before capacitors mounted on support, it shall allocate the capacitance, make phase capacitance to be balanced (balance rate 5%)
6. Wire connection for capacitors shall use soft conductor. The side of capacitor with nameplate shall face outside, convenient for inspection.
7. When rated voltage of capacitor is equal to the system, the capacitor can be directly mounted on steel support, and the shell of capacitor is earthed
and well connected. If the rated voltage of single phase capacitor less than system voltage, please utilize star connection for these capacitors, at this
case the shells of series connected capacitors shall absolutely isolated from earth, its insulation level not less than rated voltage of the system.

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