April 27, 2016

Higher Powered Plasma Generator from

Higher Powered Plasma Generator from

Provides up to 2000 Watts of high frequency plasma energy, tunable from 20 to 70 kHz.

Unit is intended for the professional working in plasma research physics or other similar fields. A certain amount of knowledge is required to effectively operate the unit as in some cases it must be tuned to the output capacitance and resistance of the load. This is basic boilerplate technology to any electronics engineer and simply involves the handling of complex numbers, polar notation or simple impedance matching algebraic formulas.

These units are built on individual customer requirements. The basic unit as described can be modified within limits. Please contact our tech team to discuss any modifications or options you may need for your project.


  • 220V single-phase input
  • Includes 2 kilowatt VARIAC that provides total power control to the load
  • Current control by duty cycle provides only current chopped current pulses at a constant voltage
  • Digital frequency meter on front panel for allowing you to view system operating frequency
  • Individual analog voltage meter reads DC voltage of the power amplifier
  • Individual analog current meter reads current to the power amplifier and indicates resonant rises
  • Oil filled transformer are tailor-made for your particular range of output capacitance or come standard in three models for load capacities from 10 pF to 1000 pF
  • Frequency adjust control allows a smooth linear adjustment throughout the frequency range
  • Resettable over voltage shutdown for those high Q resonant loads that generate high peak voltages at resonance
  • Heavy-duty power switch switches both sides of the fused 220V lines
  • Optional Built-In Timer, on request
  • Power on and fault indicating lamps
  • Dimensions of 16″ x 12″ x 6″, Weighing 67 lbs with VARIAC
  • optional variable 50kV load capacitor available. Contact us for details.


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