May 19, 2016

Medium Power Table Top Tesla Coil– Tesla coil capacitor supplier —

Medium Power Table Top Tesla Coil– Tesla coil capacitor supplier —

This all new Tesla coil is a combination of our popular BTC40 and BTC50, with an output about 30% more than the original BTC40, and we have been able to keep the price the same!

This spark driven Tesla coil provides enough power for most R&D experiments, generating very visual and audible sparks into open air without a return contact. It operates from a standard 115V wall outlet requiring less than six amps.

This Tesla coil can be operated on a tabletop. It is built as a two-level assembly consisting of a top and bottom section. The top supports the vertical mounted secondary output coil and the flat Archimedean spiraled primary along with a tunable clip lead. The bottom supports the transformers, capacitor and spark gap assembly attached by machine screws and nuts.

A metal control panel is connected to earth ground along with the secondary output coil return, reducing line voltage shock hazards. The spark gap is air-cooled with a high output muffin fan and uses three pure tungsten electrodes rarely requiring cleaning or dressing. Hardware is all brass where required with the primary coil being all copper tubing.

The kit contains a pre-wound and fully prepared secondary coil and all parts to complete the unit, including a 12 x 3 inch toroidal terminal which greatly adds to the performance and overall appearance of the completed system.


Assembly: this item is fully built, and there is a simple setup of attaching the secondary coil to base (nuts & bolts), and toroid to secondary coil.

Applications: Use as a science project, museum display, special effects prop, and for electrical research of high frequency electricity. Some audiophiles claim that running the tesla coil’s output through their component wires (unattached to their equipment, of course!) for about a minute helps to “open up” the sound quality of their equipment; whether this is a real or perceived effect is unknown, but this is some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our audiophile customers.

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