April 29, 2016

Plasma Tornado. —PVM12 application of HV ceramic capacitor from

Plasma Tornado. —PVM12 application of HV ceramic capacitor from

12-Volt Single-Electrode and Proximity Driver Will Power up to a 14” Plasma Globe and Many Other Neon and Artistic Displays. Make a Plasma Tornado.

OUTPUT – Variable 1k-20kV (auto-adjust)
FREQUENCY – Variable 20k-50kHz (direct adjust)
CURRENT – Reactance Limited to 20mA

Front panel adjustable output power supply, excellent for driving plasma globes up to 14″ in diameter (about 1440 cubic inches) and other similar-sized displays and cells such as our plasma tornado, neon tubing, etc. Single ended driver for gas-filled displays operates from 12 volt input at 3A minimum. Variable open circuit voltage of 1k-20kV with short circuit current of 20mA. Frequency is adjustable from 20k to 50kHz and is controlled from the front panel; voltage auto-adjusts to capacitive load & frequency. What you will find in practice is that as you are adjusting the frequency, the display will suddenly “come to life” and get very bright — this is the peak harmonic resonance of the circuit. There may be other harmonics, but there will be one that is strongest, and you can then fine-adjust this power supply to your desired output.

Unit is built on a metal chassis with plastic cover. Size is 2.75 x 3.25 x 7.5″ rectangular with a 12″ output lead. The reccommended 12V adapter operates from any wall power (100-240VAC), so both American and international customers can plug this into their wall outlets and be ready to go.


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