High Voltage Resistor Thick Film Planar Resistors GFP/GHP Series

These resistors are quite economic design high voltage resistor, Able to provide high density assembly in multi application. Two different coating.

General Details

High Voltage Resistor, GFP/GHP Series Thick Film Planar Resistors  






These resistors are quite economic design high voltage resisitor,
Able to provide high denstive assebly in multl application.
Two differnet coating.

GFP series:

225°C high temperature silicone coating

GHP series:

Surface silicon printing,as an economic option,max stand
voltage be 24kv,Six different spec,3mm for max thickness.
Non-inductive design.

Termination:  Standard lead material is tin plated copper



Resistance range: 200    to   2G OHM
Tolerance:  ±0.2% to ±10%
Temperature coefficient: (500M OHM )±80ppm/°C  (+25°C to +105°C)
Max working voltage: 130%





Inquiry Email:

[email protected]

Inquiry Procedure:

1. Pick up range name like HVRGHP 3

2. Provide Resistance and tolerance required

3. Provide Temperature coefficient required.