LED light application High voltage SMD capacitors,2220 105K 500V X7R

LED light application High voltage SMD capacitors,2220 105K 500V X7R

MLCC INTERNALHigh Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors


LED light application High voltage SMD capacitors,2220 105K 500V X7R

High voltage chip capacitor
Capacitors or multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is a kind of production technology for
ceramic powder, internal noble metal palladium, silver plating with high temperature
sintering method on ceramics as electrode made. The products are divided into high
frequency and low frequency (COG) NPO ceramic ceramic X7R two materials. NPO has a
small package volume, high resistance to temperature coefficient of capacitance, high
frequency performance is good for the high stability of the oscillation circuit, as the circuit
filter capacitor. X7R ceramic capacitor is limited to ordinary frequency circuit for bypass or
DC blocking, or loss of stability and less demanding situations, the capacitors should not
be used in AC (AC) pulse circuit, because they can easily be impulse voltage breakdown,
so do not use built in AC circuit.

High voltage chip capacitors are divided into three categories:.

1) Temperature compensated NPO ceramic dielectric
NP0, also known as the most stable COG electrical performance, basically does not
change with temperature, voltage, time, is a super stable type, low loss capacitor type,
suitable for high frequency, high frequency, high frequency circuit.

2) High permittivity X7R ceramic dielectric
X7R is a ferroelectric capacitor, which can produce a larger capacity than NPO medium.
The performance of this capacitor is relatively stable, with the change of temperature and
voltage time, its unique performance change is not significant, which is a stable material
type, which is used in the middle and high frequency circuit which is high in the middle and
high frequency circuits.

3) Semi conducting X5R ceramic dielectric
X5R has a high dielectric constant, large capacity capacitor products used in the
production of large volume, high nominal capacity. But its capacity stability is more
sensitive to the test conditions such as X7R, capacity, loss of temperature, voltage and so

Advantages: small package size, quality stability, high insulation,

high voltage resistance:
small capacity, at present the largest 100UF, easy to be pulse voltage breakdown.

Performance parameter:
1 material NPO (COG).X7R.X5R.Y5V
2 capacity 0.1PF-100PF-1NF-1UF-100UF
3 voltage 6.3V-100V-1KV-2KV-5KV
4 package 0201-0805-1206-1812-2225

Application range:
Products are widely used in the field of power supply, automotive electronics,
communication power, LED lighting power supply, and has a broad application prospects.

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