April 29, 2016

PVM400-high voltage power supply- from

PVM400-high voltage power supply- from

HV Power Supply, 20kV pk-pk, 20-30mA at 20-60kHz. Designed for Large Single Neon and Gas Artistic Displays up to Four Feet in Diameter Sphere Where the Virtual Ground Return is the Intrinsic Capacitance of the Surroundings.


Powers up to 48″ Plasma Globes
Single Electrode Operation

INPUT – 115 VAC at 1-2 amps (plugs directly into wall outlet); 220VAC is also available for overseas use
OUTPUT – Variable 1-20kv
FREQUENCY – Variable 20-60khz
CURRENT – Reactance Limited to 25 ma
SAFETY – Over Voltage Shutdown Manual Reset
NOTES – Non-Resonant Operation
OPTIONS – Flashing, Sound & Music Control, and Pulsed Duty Cycle Attachments Available on PVM400DELUX

High-powered front panel adjustable output plasma driver operates from 115 or 220 vac and is intended for larger plasma globes up to 48 inches diameter (about 33 cubic feet), or similar-volume plasma columns and large gas filled discharge vessels. (Above this volume, our PVM500 should be used.) Rectangular shaped unit is 2.75″ x 4″ x 10.25″ deep and is built on an aluminum chassis with plastic cover. The front panel holds the fuse, power control adjustment, indicator lamp, and power input cord. The output end is open with a 12″ 30kV high voltage wire and 4′ grounding lead. Factory set open circuit voltage shutdown protects the transformer from too-light and no-load operation. Internal circuitry protects against short circuits. Open circuit voltage is 20kV pk-pk with a short circuit current of 25 ma load lines at 125 watts of output. The power adjust control varies the frequency from 20 to 60 kHz and controls output. Full load output line current is 1.5 amps.


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