May 11, 2016

Rail Gap Switches – Application for HV ceramic capacitor –

Rail Gap Switches – Application for HV ceramic capacitor –

High coulomb energy transfer switches intended for rail guns and other electro-kinetic devices. Requires nitrogen gas at 10PSI. A variety of switches are available.

100,000 volt @200ua average current Spark and Lightning Generator
Create your own bright, white, hot noisy real lightning bolts for a winning science project or low cost laboratory source of 100kv.

Please note unit can give an annoying to painful shock if improperly handled but is not dangerous.

Here is your answer to a low cost high voltage source that will withstand open circuit, short circuit discharging with bright hot open air sparks 3 to 6 in length!

Perform a Demonstration of Lightning, Ozone Generation, High Flux Ion Generator, High Speed Ion Motor Propulsion, Plasma Blast Drilling, Hi Pot and Dielectric Testing, Self- Electrification, Capacitor Charging, Particle Acceleration and Many Other High Potential Low Current Electrical Experiments. Use as a wake up alarm or a great Halloween prop or joke gift. Two of these units made in opposite polarities can create a very active lightning show generating loud noisy lightning bolts up to 12″ in length! Can be made in a very effective street defense or intimidation device!

  • Runs on 115VAC for Lab use (with included wall adapter), or 12VDC battery for Field use
  • Output of 100,000 Volts @ 0.2mA
  • Adjustable Safety Gap
  • Built-in Dry Fill Multiplier
  • Available as a Project Kit and Plans
  • Table Top 4″ x 18″ Cylinderical Design
  • Light Weight — Less Than Five Pounds
  • Excellent Science Project
  • Easily Adaptable to Devices for Personal or Property Protection
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