May 8, 2016

Shock Devices For Fishing, Pest —Application of high voltage ceramic capacitor from

Shock Devices For Fishing, Pest —Application of high voltage ceramic capacitor from

Check our scroll down index for capacitors, transformers and other individually available parts for these devices.

This page shows our shocker units that can be used for many applications from keeping squirrels out of birdfeeders to home protection devices.

When using these products to protect against unwanted intrusion, they must be used with discretion, and all applicable laws must be researched to ensure that they are not being operated as “man trapping” devices, which are illegal in many states. All purchases include a brochure on how to electrify objects. These items may be easily radio controlled by our optional

Universal Radio Control Module
with built in rechargeable batteries for remotely operating any battery powered object such as an example a video camera etc. Feature allows operation anywhere without need for any other wiring

Control Any Electrical Device Covertly From a Distance

When this item is sold to interface with one of our specific products an adapter cable is included if required.

Remotely control just about anything up to 300 feet away using our all new universal radio control module.Internal batteries (8 AA providing 12VDC, not included) power the items being controlled. Also includes a 115/220 AC wall adapter for more permanent installations not requiring batteries.

Control items such as our Pest Shockers, Squirrel Birdfeeder Shockers, Shocking Jokes, ultrasonic products such as our Sonic Nausea Machine, various Alarms & Panic Devices, Security Alerts, Lasers, Video Cameras, Tesla Coils, LED Arrays, Portable Devices, or just about any electrical system covertly and safely from a distance. Unit provides internal power for devices allowing complete freedom from power feed wiring.


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