May 20, 2016

Solid State Tesla Coil —

Solid State Tesla Coil —

Controllable Oscillation Allows Musical “Notes” to be Played Through The Tesla Coil’s Electrical Discharge

This solid state tesla coil provides a spectacular display of lightning-like discharges for museums, attention-getting advertising, special events, and of course high-voltage high-frequency research. But the most fascinating feature is the ability to play music. By rapidly modulating the output frequency, “notes” can be played by the resonance of the electrical discharge, and when a keyboard is plugged in and passed through the proper controlling circuitry (both of which are included with this tesla coil), the tesla coil becomes a musical instrument that uses lightning bolts to make notes.

The solid state tesla coil is sold as a “minimal kit” requiring the purchaser to assemble the device in order to make it operable. This is a simple mechanical assembly, but necessary to stay in compliance with FCC regulations which allow any entity (business or individual) to assemble up to 3 radio transmitters without requiring a license. Unlike the transformers used in standard core-and-coil designs, this advanced device poses a less-lethal electrical hazard — which is one of the attractive features of solid state tesla coils.

It is suggested to not operate this solid state tesla coil in densly-populated environments, such as cities, for purposes of radio interference — or if this device is to be operated in such an environment, it is suggested that a Faraday Cage be built to block the undamped electromagnetic emissions (plans on building a Faraday Cage are included with all versions of the solid state tesla coils). Also, operating this tesla coil inside a metal building, such as a steel garage, will help to reduce or eliminate RF emissions.

Includes all components: the 20″ toroid, wound secondary and primary coils, base with full bridge multiplier and tank circuit, controller box, interrupter box (which includes audio input), a keyboard and audio cable, power supply, variac (runs on 115VAC wall power), and all required cables and wires. The audio input from the interrupter to the controller is by fiber optic, so electronic devices may be safely be plugged into the interrupter and regulate the input signal without any feedback risk to the electronic device (such as computer, mp3 player, musical instrument, microphone, etc.).

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