Mr.Chen Shaoguang

Mr. Chen Shaoguang is  CEO and chief engineer of our production plant locate

in Eastern Guangdong province Shantou city.


Mr.Chen hold a Master Degree of  Micro Electronic (Dielectric Electronics major) ,

Before joining HVC, he worked as Key engineer in military class manufacturer in

Western China, with 30 years of engineering, production and management experience

for ceramic capacitor product. Mr. Chen is our KEY weapon to solve engineering  problem.


Also by his great effort on new product development , HVC developed N4700, SL, UJ, X7E, X7F,Y5S

and many other  ceramic dielectric, they meet customer various but strictly requirement,

while 90% of competitor only product Y5T,Y5U,Y5V class general purpose ceramic capacitor.

This make HVC product with quite different performance.