April 27, 2016

Universal High Voltage Modular Power Supply from

Universal High Voltage Modular Power Supply from

These can be used directly to power plasma and gas displays, creating spectacular eye catching, colorful events for show and entertainment, museums shows, point of purchase or simple neon signs displays. You will find animated, music controlled and many attention getting special effects.

Excellent for small voltage multipliers, charging Mark generators, continuous dimming for gas displays and other HV  capacitor applications

This sweetheart of a circuit has many features that can make it a priceless tool for the high voltage researcher and experimenter. Circuit operates on 11 to 15 volts DC drawing 3 amps under full load allowing portable battery or 115 volts AC via a converter.

Output voltage is a 60 kHz high frequency current that is fully short circuit protected. The high frequency also makes possible low storage energy voltage multiplier stacks for high voltage dc sources as well as being an excellent plasma driver when used direct. Output current is fully adjustable via a control pot.

Unit is excellent for powering neon and all types of gas filled vessels using one or two electrodes or can power objects simply by proximity.

Allows total dimming without pulling of ends away from electrodes.

Provides an even distribution of light along the entire display length down to where discharge appears as a wriggling worm at it’s lowest setting…NEAT EFFECT.

It easily retrofits to our voltage multipliers modules providing DC voltages up to 100 kv and currents of up to 0.3 milliampere. The current limiting and control feature make this combination an excellent choice for charging capacitors for low loss charging and 12 volt portable operation.

Module is built on a rugged printed circuit board and is mounted in a plastic channel. Complete with input jack for mating to 2.5mm regulated DC wall adapter and high volt output lead with return ground if needed.

  • Open circuit voltage to 7500 peak at 60 to 125 kHz
  • Short circuit current 10 ma
  • Input: 11 to 15 volts DC at 3 amps fully loaded
  • Adjustable current by duty cycle controlled pulse
  • 7″ output leads
  • 12″ input leads
  • Compact 7″ x 2-1/8″ x 1-1/8″, weighing less than 5 oz!
  • Easily retrofits to our voltage multipliers

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