May 2, 2016

Vehicle and Object Shocking Device– HV Ceramic Capacitor Application introduce

Vehicle and Object Shocking Device– HV Ceramic Capacitor Application introduce- By

This high-powered pulsed shocker can be used for automobile electrification, or serious electrification of other objects to protect against dangerous wild animals. This unit will even drive worms out of the ground, and has been shown to rid areas of moles, voles and other burrowing animals. It can be used in conjunction as a home protection deterrent when interfaced with some of our property protection devices shown elsewhere on our website.

High Powered Nonlethal shocking pulses are 5 times more painful than fence chargers.

Need some extra security when travelling through questionable neighborhoods? Tired of animals walking on your car and scratching it with sandy footprints?

This highly effective electrical device generates powerful yet nonlethal 2000 volt pulses at 2 joules of energy with an adjustable rep rate of 1 to 10 pulses per second. Allows you to charge the body of your automobile while driving, helping to prevent car jacking and break-ins. Or plug it in at night to keep the animals away — one good shock and they’ll remember to stay off your car. Produces a painful jolt to those trying to access the vehicle to take your sound system or other contents that might be of interest.

Unit operates from 12V DC, such as a vehicle’s battery, a safe 115vac to 12vdc converter (like our 12DC/7 listed below), or a rechargeable battery of 20 to 30 amp hours capacity. Easy-to-use unit contains front panel controls of on/off switch and pulse rate control knob. Input leads are fused and color coded for positive and negative battery connection. Output leads are designed for easy connection to object, vehicle grounds as directed in the instructions. Built in a 9x7x5″ metal box, easily installed in many locations. May also be radio-control operated with our RC10.

CAUTION: May be illegal to use. Shock hazard if not used as directed. May require installation and basic electrical skills.

How To Electrify Your Car And Other Objects

Highly informative data shows how to use shocking devices for control of animals and other target subjects. Includes insulated objects, garbage cans, garden areas, floors, doors, fences, automobiles, vertical fields, etc.

Caution: Even though the shocking devices above are not considered lethal,when used as directed, they can be illegal as mantrapping devices.



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