June 1, 2016

Xray machine introduction -what is C-arm machine —

Xray machine introduction -what is C-arm machine —

A C-arm is an overhead X-ray image intensifier that provides real-time detailed viewing of anatomic structures using fluoroscopic dyes. It is considered to be a non-invasive device because no part of the equipment enters the body, making it safe to use for screening before, during and after other types of procedures.

Important features of C-Arm Machine are as follows:
The world over conventional C-Arm machines have given way to sophisticated  Mobile Imaging Systems. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS SETS A NEW standard by introducing ‘LSS’ a fully automatic Mobile Imaging Systems that redefines the C-Arm machine. Bringing together superior imaging performance, radiation protection, simplicity of operation and outstanding economic value, this advanced system sets a new benchmark against which all other systems will be measured. Fully automated, yet easily affordable, no system can match the functionality, safety, versatility and ease of use of the ‘LSS’
The LSS’s advanced system architecture incorporates the latest ‘Remote Workstation’ design which provides immediate and easy access to all functions from one centrally located position. The slim and compact design of the mobile stand reduces weight, increases much needed table-side elbow room and permits easier movement when changing views.
Fully automatic exposure (ABC) operation- Hands-free imaging without the need of setting exposure factors. This state-of-art system utilizes the latest technology to automate technic settings.(Manual mode also provided with motorized stepless selection of mA and kVp).
Digitally controlled, full-wave rectified X-ray generator using extremely high-performance X-ray components provides excellent “dense-anatomy” imaging quality not found in conventional C-arms.
Tactile Membrane switches for all functions- Hermetically sealed in a reverse screen printed polycarbonate Panel.
Full function digital display.
Fluoroscopy time –totalize digital display.
Slim, compact design with a very small foot-print increases table side elbow room.
Light weight isocentric weight distribution with ultra low rolling resistance.
Steerable back wheels for easy positioning.
One piece, ‘C’ with external gliding mechanism permits full draping.
Silent up-down motorized movement.
Single lever for steering and brake.
6” Single, dual field or 9” triple field, high gain, low dose image intensifier manufactured by ‘Thales’(Thomson) France world leaders in imaging tubes.
High resolution, high sensitivity, low noise CCD detector producing superb image resolution at minimal dose levels.
Micro-focus, dual-focus X-ray tube designed for imaging applications and installed in a sleek shielded tube-head sets a new standard in radiation protection and quality mobile imaging.
Two high-density, high-resolution 17” Flat Screen colour Monitors provide unsurpassed image resolution.


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