May 6, 2016

35KVAC carrier / coupling, how to select high voltage ceramic capacitor

35KVAC carrier / coupling, how to select high voltage ceramic capacitor
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A high voltage capacitor is required to be used in the carrier communication device of 35KVAC, the capacity of the best 5000PF to 10000PF. according to his requirements, it is clear that the general high voltage ceramic capacitor does not meet his use:
1 voltage pass. Capacity to do more than 5000PF, AC voltage 35KVAC rated working voltage, which is basically impossible. Because in accordance with the current technology, capacitors can reach 40KVAC or more, but to work in this voltage environment, it is a problem.
2 so high voltage and capacity of the capacitor, the current need to achieve partial discharge, but also a great difficulty.
In order to solve the above problems, we recommend a new program: using 70KV2700PF capacitor, two for a set of parallel use. So, because the voltage is up to 70KV, so the 35KV work is no problem. Because the capacity is not too large, and the material can be done best, so in the local discharge and frequency characteristics is also in line with the requirements.
The specific parameters of the capacitor are:
Rated voltage: 70KVDC (AC 70KVAC2 minutes no problem);
Rated capacity: 2700PF, error: +-20%
In the 50 degree working environment, the temperature change is 10%, which is acceptable;
Size: diameter 75MM, thickness 50MM, total length 54MM (including screw);
At present, after the customer testing, this scheme is feasible and the sample has been successfully passed, the product has entered the trial production stage.
As can be seen from the above, we are in contact with the client communication, not just to sell and sell the capacitor capacitance, more important is to do reference, suggestions into the customer design. Cannot remain in the “have a capacitance”, “how much is this single capacitor this stage.

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