December 14, 2015

Automotive xenon lamps Application of high voltage ceramic capacitor of 40KV50PF


Function of high voltage ceramic capacitor of 40KV50PF 40KV22PF high voltage ceramic

Automotive xenon lamps in the power supply, there are 4 high voltage ceramic capacitors, the model is 40KV22PF (40KV25PF), or 40KV50PF. here simply to look at the characteristics of this product.

Ultra high voltage ceramic capacitor 40KV22PF~50PF is used in the temperature characteristics of.SL material SL is characterized by high frequency characteristics.

A code number is 13MM, the diameter is HVC-SL13-40KV22PF, the thickness is 12MM, the foot distance is 17.5MM.

The other is HVC-SL17-40KV-50PF, the diameter is 17MM, the thickness is 12MM, the foot distance is 17.5MM.

Xenon headlamps because of its long life, high brightness and wide use. The current automotive products, most are used. And the power of xenon headlamps to use this kind of high voltage ceramic capacitors, compared with the regular lights, life is raised from 3000 hours to 6000 hours, and the brightness is higher than many times. Due to the widespread use of xenon headlamps, also let the ceramic capacitor has a good market performance. In order to Chinese market as an example, the China squeeze into the world's largest car market, annual car sales to more than ten million. If there are 5 million cars to use the xenon headlamps, then there is only 20 million ultra high voltage ceramic capacitor market demand. The prospect is very broad.
At present, the two capacitors in the foreign market price of XXX yuan, while the HVC capacitor to launch this product, completely reduce the use of cost, XX can solve the problem of procurement costs, high quality and low price, believe that through the development of the market, can be accounted for in the global market place.


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