December 14, 2015

Basic requirements for high voltage ceramic capacitor used in electric welding machine

Basic requirements for high voltage ceramic capacitor used in electric welding machine



Electric welding machine on the use of a lot of high voltage ceramic capacitors. Different grades of electric welding machine products, the capacitor is not the same. The current market is more popular Y5T high voltage ceramic capacitor, generally used in the mid-range electric welding machine products, but this type of capacitor can not be used in high-end equipment.
After the market to verify that the most suitable electric welding machine on the high voltage ceramic capacitor should be DL temperature characteristics of the ceramic capacitor is N4700. this material of high frequency characteristics good, loss is small, in the 60 degree temperature, characteristics are quite stable and reliable. And, HVC and 15KV102K for high voltage ceramic capacitor, the breakdown voltage of two products more than 35KV, so, capacitor in electric welding machine with 10 years or 20 years, are a kind, there will not be any quality problems.

The material of DL 15KV102 products, the diameter is 21MM, thickness of 7MM, the current market demand the most exuberant, because this product in addition to the use of electric welding machine, X machine (X -) was used. X power machine is widely used in nondestructive testing, medical testing, airport security, so this all products in high voltage products, production and sales are ranked first.

In addition to this, the HVC capacitor has a high voltage ceramic capacitor, 15KV102K, and X7R as the material of high voltage ceramic capacitors, X7R, and 15KV222K., which are very popular in some high-end products, which are suitable for 90 degrees above 1% degrees, and the high frequency characteristics of ceramic capacitors, X7R and 15KV222K high voltage ceramic capacitors, are very popular.

There is no end to the technology, the scientific research of the HVC capacitor will never stop!



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