December 14, 2015

Case Study: One smart modification of multiple stage of the circuit, the device life reliable up to 20 years!

An Italy customer is designing a high-voltage circuit, he will be the circuit diagram to us, ask: 50KV103M high voltage ceramic capacitor, can be used in the above circuit? May I ask you a few suggestions on this circuit?

In the face of customer problems of such a professional group of technicians to sit down with you to discuss all sorts of gossip, there are two major problems: one is the frequency of use of guests is relatively high; the two is the guest current is large, so the power is too large; for this reason, the guest would like to high voltage ceramic capacitor lead type with 50KV103M, we do not recommend the use of.

The reason is: 50KV103 is a bolt type high voltage ceramic capacitor, material is Y5V. The cost is high, it's about XXX yuan. Moreover, such a high cost, but in fact not the guests, because the high frequency characteristics of a capacitor Y5V and current performance is not good, the request of the guests from the 30KHZ point of view, this is not up to the. That is to say, the guests spent a high price, but in fact not useful.

Then, the discussion of the results, into the following amendments:

As shown above, the red part is our correction scheme. Guests originally only used 8 capacitors, that is, CX8 to CX, which is four times the pressure. According to our scheme, the six level times the voltage circuit, which is from CX to CX11 total of 12 capacitors.
Of course, according to our design, the final program is not 12 capacitors, of which, CX is the 3 capacitor, the model is 332M 30KV; the reason is very simple, this is the first level, the first capacitor is not through the rectifier, this level of the actual voltage and current maximum, so, with three parallel, this is the most perfect way.

In addition, the rest of the CX1 to CX11 these capacitors, all into 30KV502M, that is to say every 103M to 502M by two capacitors in parallel, so that the voltage is reached, capacity is reached.

Finally, the important reason is that the new program will be used in the capacitor Y5T material, that is, high frequency characteristics, and can withstand large current.

According to our latest revision of the program, the service life of the power supply will be directly reached 20 years! That is to say, directly improve the customer's X optical equipment and other products of life, such a good effect, of course, guests like it!

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