January 12, 2017

Electrical Testing Equipment – Different Types For Your Varying Needs

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by AMagill

Electrical Testing Equipment – Different Types For Your Varying Needs

Electrical gadgets have been a part of daily living for many decades now. Each task is made easier by these sets of equipment. Specifically, it lessens the time one needs to devote on a specific endeavor. One of the industrial products in this regard is the so-called electrical testing equipment.

Electrical testing equipment may be sub-classified in a number of ways depending on the industry that makes use of the gadget. Some of the most common ones are automated test equipment, backplane testers, battery testers and burn-in test equipment. Here are some essential facts on each type of electrical tester.

Automated test equipment

This is perhaps one of the most advanced of all electrical testing equipment. It makes use of computers in order to test and measure a particular type of industrial unit. This type of equipment is quite costly especially for starters plus it also requires proper technical know-how during the set-up and programming stages.

But, of course it is favorable because it functions even with minimal human intervention. Additionally, it is a very efficient choice when it comes to repeated productions of high volume requirements. The automated test equipment is popular in testing components including printed circuit boards, verifications and interconnections.

Backplane testers

Backplane testers are highly favored in testing electronic components like capacitors and resistors. They are actually printed circuit boards comprised of different sockets and slots essential to test a wide array of electronic devices. With the use of such equipment, high-speed communication will be obtained. They are also very important tools in networking. These testing machines may be subcategorized as continuity analyzers or in-circuit testers.

Battery testers

Battery testers are often accompanied by test equipment for fuel cells. These are specialized systems that are functional for endurance and performance testing. They are important in order to analyze and monitor a battery cell’s voltage, amperage, DC resistance, charge and temperature. In like manner, it is critical in indicating the battery’s current condition to help people and companies determine whether the component may still function or not.

Burn-in test equipment

Included in the list of electrical testing equipment is the burn-in tester. This functions with the use of voltages, power cycling and temperatures in order to analyze boards and power chips. Every finishing device with a semiconductor device included undergoes the burn-in testing. This is to assure the quality of production of the said devices. With this, one may always associate the gadget to the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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