May 10, 2016

EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse — Application for HV ceramic capacitor –

EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse — Application for HV ceramic capacitor –

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. It can be produced by a nuclear detonation, a lightning discharge or any type of a discharge that can take on a form of a pulse with a fast rise time. Obviously a nuclear air burst produces EMP by releasing intense gamma ray radiation into the Earth’s magnetic field where now a myriad of radio frequencies is generated due to the fast rise time and other Fourier properties. These type of pulses Occur and cause wide spread damage to many electronic circuits. computers and similar circuits are very vulnerable to this type of energy as it does not take many volts applied across the junctions of these high-speed circuits to disrupt their operation . When the EMP pulse contacts the printed circuitry of the system, a standing wave of voltage is produced and damages the circuitry components causing destruction.

A lightning discharge can be characterized as a natural manifestation of an EMP pulse. It is in the form of a double exponential pulse where the risetime is very fast and the decay time is much slower. The discharge current of a lightning bolt could be close to a mega Amp. This combined with the risetime of the current pulse can cause damage as we all well know. The overall charge of a lightning bolt is usually in from 1 to 50 coulombs. The discharge voltage being in the hundreds of thousands creates an energy pulse in the megajoules. Joules = coulombs times voltage.

A demonstration generated electromagnetic pulse can be made by discharging a ultralow high volt capacitor into a low inductance antenna.

EMP/HERF/Shock Pulse Generator

Shock wave generators are capable of producing focused acoustic or electromagnetic energy that can break up objects such as kidney stones and other similar materials. EMP generators can produce pulses of electromagnetic energy that can destroy the sensitive electronics in computers and microprocessors. Destabilized LCR circuits can produce multi megawatt pulses by using an explosive wire disruptive switch. These high power pulses can be coupled “with difficulty” into antennas, conic sections, horns etc for very directional effects. Research is currently being undertaken to disable vehicles thus avoiding dangerous high speed chases. The trick is to generate a high enough power pulse to fry the electronic control processor modules without creating collateral damage to unintended targets. This could be a lot simpler if the vehicle was covered in plastic or fiber glass rather than metal. The shielding of the metal body offers a challenge to the researcher to develop a practical system. A system could be built that could do this but would be costly, large and produce collateral damage to friendly targets.

Low Power Pulse Gun
Hand held pulse gun generates EMP electromagnetic pulses capable of de-programming and disrupting micro processor circuitry.

Low powered hand held pulse gun generates EMP electromagnetic pulses capable of de-programming and disrupting micro processor circuitry. Gun is built in a pistol configuration where the 8 “AA” batteries are housed in the butt section along with the push button trigger switch.

Directional device has adjustable pulse rate control and a built in emitter for close proximity applications. Specialized circuitry use our ultra low inductance high energy density capacitors with self triggering gap switch. Charging circuit uses our loss-less inductive charging and eliminates the losses associated with simple resistive methods. Pulse energy is approximately 1 Joule with a rep rate up to 30 pps. Charging voltage is over 5kv with a peak current of nearly 1000 amps now equal to a 5 megawatt pulse of power.

Output terminals may be adapted for a wave guide for more precise applications or connection to an external antenna where you can experiment with maximizing “E” or “M” field for certain applications. Unit can be built in a military gray PVC enclosure measuring 10 to 12 inches. *Assembled units are sold only to qualified personal who submit their order on a company letter head.



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