December 14, 2015

Evaluation high voltage ceramic doorknob capacitor using “AC voltage”

Evaluation high voltage ceramic doorknob capacitor using "AC voltage"

At present, HVC company has started a comprehensive standard, the high voltage bolt type ceramic capacitor rated voltage from the original direct current (DC) directly to AC voltage (AC), this initiative although the product of the process is difficult, but also increased the cost of the product, but in the real application, will be a significant progress.
In the unit and the military industry, high-tech units, medical security and other pioneer enterprise cooperation, we found a problem: if we are just DC voltage qualified, in practice, many units may appear products and can not be used and the situation, as long as the voltage level of products to communicate, for example and the voltage level of 40KV2000PF capacitor to 40KVAC, so many problems will be immediately resolved. In addition to the power industry will increase the requirement of PD, almost all of the customers are likely to use the AC 40KV 202K.

In the past we have tested a company's products, 40KVDC102K, DC voltage is no problem, can reach 40KVDC above, the highest voltage can reach 50KVDC above, but AC voltage is a step, almost only to reach a few KVAC. so, although the guests with the DC environment, but this one is completely unable to use, in contrast, our 40KVDC can reach 42KVAC, the product performance is quite excellent.

So, at present, the HVC capacitor regardless of what type, as long as the bolt type, we are in the design rated voltage, the product is required to meet the AC voltage, and in the partial discharge, our high voltage capacitance also began to implement strict standards, to ensure the same product, customers are in different industries are OK.

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