December 7, 2015

High voltage capacitors for tesla coil -HVC Capacitor.

High voltage capacitors for tesla coil -HVC Capacitor.

HVC Capacitor is professional High Voltage ceramic capacitor and High Voltage doorknob Capacitor manufacturer.

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SGTC (Spark Gap Tesla Coil) = spark gap Tesla coil
Jacobs Ladder works

Mr. Nikola Tesla "Tesla Coil" I then invention belongs SGTC. Due to construction, the principle is simple, it is also the stage for beginners Tesla coil.
SISGTC (Sidac-IGBT SGTC) = trigger diode Tesla Coil
Circuit group by the trigger diode –IGBT tubes instead of traditional spark gap working to achieve the purpose of eliminating ignition noise.
SSTC (Solid State Tesla Coil) = Solid State Tesla Coil
Popular some say is a single resonant electronic switch Tesla coil, a primary series resonance does not occur, only to meet the secondary offer secondary LC series resonance frequency, so that the occurrence of a series resonant secondary coil, the primary current excitation voltage divided by the AC impedance.
Advantages: low noise, high efficiency, long life, and thus get a very good development.
Disadvantages: the primary coil to the secondary coil provides excitation power is limited, the arc is not long.
ISSTC (Interrupted SSTC) = Solid State Tesla Coil with interrupter
Under the same output power, SSTC arc clumps, and significantly better than SGTC spectacular. At this point, you can add an interrupter to mimic SGTC work, the arc can be longer, can also take advantage of the audio signal interrupter signal to play music.
DRSSTC (Dual Resonant SSTC) = double resonance Tesla Coil
DRSSTC essence belongs to a series resonant inverter with respect to the SSTC, because of the occurrence of a series resonant primary coil, the primary coil voltage across the inductor for the excitation voltage Q times, the resonant impedance Z (R) factor is very low, therefore 初级The resonant current is large (resonant voltage divided by the resonant impedance is equal to the resonant current), this time to provide a secondary excitation power will be great, and SSTC is not an order of magnitude. Compared SSTC speaking, SSTC primary coil to the secondary coil can not provide a large enough excitation power, resulting in a spectacular degree SSTC lightning produced the same power rating of less than a spark gap Tesla coil.

DRSSTC primary coil not only meet the conditions of the secondary winding inductance and stray capacitance series resonance occurs, it is possible to provide a sufficiently large secondary coil excitation power, so DRSSTC arc length will be very long.
Advantages: Compared SGTC, there is no sound and light pollution spark gap, control, and can play music, high efficiency, long life.
QCWDRSSTC (Quasi Continuous Wave DRSSTC) = quasi-continuous-wave double resonance solid state Tesla Coil
CWDRSSTC (Continuous Wave DRSSTC) = continuous wave double resonance solid state Tesla
Experiments show that continuous mode (CW) Tesla Coil As the power, if there is no time limit in the case played out not long arc, and were clustered.
VTTC (Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil) = vacuum tube Tesla Coil
When the tube gradually withdraw from our field of vision, a group of enthusiasts use them to make a tube VTTC. Tube itself has a good high-frequency performance and so on merit, so make VTTC effect is very unique. Undeniably, however, the tube itself has a high cost, low life expectancy, low efficiency, heat and extremely serious damage and other shortcomings, VTTC failed pandemic.
The basic principle, similar to the self-excited transistor.
SSVC (Solid State Valve Coil) = Solid State – vacuum tube tesla coil
OLTC (Off Line Tesla coil) = Offline Tesla Coil
When we hit the SGTC firearm removed, replaced with a MOSFET or IGBT to replace, and in reverse parallel with a diode in the D and S poles (if you are IGBT, that is, C and E pole pole) on, and with a solid state The circuit to control the switch, coupled with low voltage drive, it becomes OLTC.
It's the essence of the principle is still the LC oscillator, and SGTC and almost the same, different places, is to play a firearm into a solid state switch, and the use of low-voltage drive. Other places there is not much difference.
Because it is low voltage drive, can not form too much current, the arc is not as good as SGTC OLTC spectacular.





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