December 14, 2015

High voltage ceramic capacitor used in Marx high voltage generator

High voltage ceramic capacitor used in Marx high voltage generator

Marx high voltage generator, that is, GENERATOR E.MARXd, was invented in 1924, is one of the main use of high voltage ceramic capacitors and resistors and other components, by the high voltage ceramic capacitor first parallel charging, and then series discharge of high-voltage device (as shown below).

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Today we are concerned with the use of 40KV DOORKNOB CAPACITOR HVC high voltage ceramic capacitor as the main component of the high-voltage generator. Marx is the imitation of lightning and high voltage generator operation voltage, commonly used in insulation impulse withstand voltage, dielectric breakdown, discharge test, use some test equipment, police equipment etc.. This type of equipment is used in the DC voltage. For example, an American customer, he used the 40KV-15000PF HVC high voltage ceramic capacitor.

Marx high voltage generator

Marx high-voltage generator, a lot of people known as the arc generator, because it can emit electric spark, and can be made according to the need to make a different voltage level generator, in order to issue a different size of the arc. Different requirements for electric arc, the use of different capacitance. For example, some small equipment, with the kind of cheap high pressure film capacitor on the line. Some fans just to see, there is no need to use ceramic capacitors. Anyway, just to test, learn the production line.
But the film capacitor has a characteristic, that is, the voltage is not as high as the ceramic capacitor. So if you do a large device, you can not select the film capacitor. In addition, the thin film capacitor is short. This is generally the ultra-high pressure film capacitor, with the beginning of the one or two years of the problem. And high voltage ceramic capacitor will not appear this problem.

High voltage generator using a thin film capacitor?


High voltage ceramic capacitor in the Marx high voltage generator device, two 40KV15000PF capacitor parallel, in order to achieve the partial pressure effect, and then each group of capacitor connected in series, to achieve the effect of the booster (Times). How much to be in series, depending on what you want to achieve. For example, to reach the high voltage 300KV, then you can use every two parallel to a group, with the 10 series, so that not only can ensure the discharge effect, but also to ensure the service life.

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