December 14, 2015

How much effect to  the arc over distance while designing a  high voltage capacitor?

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How much effect to  the arc over distance while designing a  high voltage capacitor?

The influence of electric climbing distance on the high voltage capacitor design much? This question should be determined depending on the actual application. Because of the different medium, different Qiangba dielectric insulation design will have different results.

For example, a high voltage ceramic capacitor chip, after two handle work in a vacuum environment, net height is 5MM. that is the distance between the poles is 5MM. when the safety voltage will be? After the experiment, found that in fact the vacuum itself is no problem, the insulation strength in vacuum there will be no discharge is like. Because there is no air molecules. But the power to the 3KV capacitor, there will be the beginning of the discharge is like, close to the 5KV when it is abnormal.

Why is this problem? Is the vacuum is not good, there is gas or high voltage ceramic capacitor quality does not pass, perhaps, this will become a controversial focus. In fact, the reason is very simple: no problem, high voltage ceramic capacitor is no problem.5MM thickness has more than 10KV of the voltage intensity.
This is the problem of the electric distance. There is no problem with the capacitor and the vacuum, but the two poles of the high voltage capacitor is discharged. The distance is too short and the product quality is not. So, the design should be adjusted, or the technology is to make a protection between the two poles. If you want to boost up to 6KV, the height or the distance between the electric air device is not less than 8MM.

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