December 14, 2015

HVC capacitor doorknob type for circuit breaker officially listed for sale

HVC capacitor circuit breaker officially listed for sale

doorknob capacitor
This product adopts the principle of capacitive voltage divider, which uses epoxy resin vacuum casting technology to meet environmental protection requirements. This product meets environmental protection requirements. The products meet environmental protection requirements. The products meet environmental protection requirements. The products meet the requirements of environmental protection. This product is suitable for 10KV gas insulated switchgear, such as 10KV, SF6.

This product can only be used in the SF6 voltage rating of 10KV gas insulated equipment, and to ensure that:
Not long-term over rated voltage operation;
SF6 gas insulation environment will not deteriorate significantly;
Without impact and other external force;
Main parameters:
Rated running once voltage: AC 10KV
Two times rated operating voltage: 6.5V (also can determine the capacitance of low voltage arm according to the custom ratio)
Rated operating frequency: 50HZ
Rated capacity: 900PF
Allowable deviation of rated capacity: < 3%
Rated accuracy rate: 3P
Rated angle accuracy: 120
Capacitance change rate: -40, C~+85, C, change the amount of <3%;
Dielectric loss factor: 25 ~ C, 1KHZ + 20%, 1V + 0.2V voltage test, the dielectric loss is less than 0.001;
Power frequency withstand voltage: AC 1MIN 42KV;
Lightning impulse voltage: 75KV is the reverse impact of the 15 times, no breakdown, no flashover;
Insulation resistance: 500V + 50V voltage test, 1MIN + 5S, >1000M;
Bureau of heavy volume: <5PC (10KVAC AT);
Temperature characteristics: -25 ~ C~+85 ~ C, <3% amplitude error, phase error of <120
Working temperature: -40 C~+85 C;
Working humidity: <90%
Altitude: <2000M
Dimension: diameter * height =80*75MM;
Weight: 783G + 5G
Dimensions of the low pressure arm: length * width * high =70*25*25MM (or as required)
Low pressure arm weight: 50G + 3G

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