December 14, 2015

Lead type and screw type high voltage ceramic capacitor, how to choose?

Lead type and screw type high voltage ceramic capacitor, how to choose?


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Many high voltage ceramic capacitors with the same voltage and capacity have two different characteristics: lead and screw type. So, what kind of high voltage capacitor should be used in the application process, we take the 5000PF30KV ceramic capacitor as an example to analyze.

For example, a customer wants to design a power voltage circuit, which is composed of three components: one is high voltage capacitor, one is rectifier, the other is the transformer, the output voltage is connected with the capacitor and the capacitor is connected with the rectifier tube, which meets the actual requirements.

Suppose you want to get a high voltage source 200KV, capacitor 30KV5000PF, only about 10 series. From the installation of speaking, is certainly a capacitor using a screw type more convenient. If you use a capacitor, need special PCB fixed. However, in the end what kind, not easy to use it okay, but look at the actual parameters. The current is not generally high voltage generator. Many high voltage generator test instrument, current about 10MA. some X-RAY devices, CT, current is about 1600MA. So generally speaking, the current is relatively small. Most of the products of high voltage generator is used in the medium environment, that is to say the frequency of 10KHZ-60KHZ. there are a number of possible requirements to 100KHZ 200KC, the capacitor material has certain requirements. While high voltage ceramic dielectric, dielectric ceramic is economical and practical is Y5T, The capacitor of this material can work in the pulse circuit within the 200KHZ.

According to the Y5T, we can recommend the use of the 30KV5000PF material. Because the current is small, the wire type can meet the requirements. If the product is high, current exceeds 2A, the proposed use of screw type high-voltage capacitor. The correct choice of significance lies in: not only meet the needs of design space, but also can reduce the cost.




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