December 30, 2015

The News of MLCC Capacitor .


MLCC (Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors) is the abbreviation of English multilayer ceramic capacitor. Is by the printed electrodes (electrode) ceramic dielectric diaphragm to the improper way of stack together, ceramic chip is formed after high temperature sintering, again at the opposite ends of the chip to seal the metal layer (outer electrode), thus forming a similar monolithic structure, so it is also called monolithic capacitor.
MLCC in addition to a capacitor is “vibration through” connectivity features, which has small volume, large volume, long life, high reliability, suitable for surface of installation, and other characteristics. With improvement of MCLL reliability and integration of, its use scope is more and more widely and widely application in military and civil electronic equipment and electronic equipment, such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, precision test instrument.
In recent years, the domestic electronic industry depends on undertaking the international transfer of production capacity, has achieved rapid development. After the new product expansion into the high-speed development stage. Both ends of the industry value chain gradually from the lowest end of the smile curve “to high value-added extension. Consumer groups, the expansion and brand diversification resulted in escalating competition in the enterprise at the same time, business model will be accompanied by the promotion of information technology gradually changed.
From the point of view of the trend in the development of MLCC industry in China, with the vigorous development of the downstream of the main application industry, Chinese MLCC products production and present situation of rapid growth, but the MLCC industry production capacity far can not meet domestic demand, every year a large number of products need to import from overseas market.
According to Booz data released the 2015-2020 China MLCC market analysis and Investment Research Report on the prospects of: 2014 MLCC production in China reached 95.8 billion, production increased by 27.7%, the demand for 22400 billion, year demand increase of 12.3%. The growth of domestic production capacity of the enterprise investment makes domestic production growth higher than the product demand growth, domestic demand gap will gradually get up.


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