Cross reference /Alternative/ Replacement for HVCA (CKE) high Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

General Details

HVCA (CKE) is famous brand of high voltage diode and high voltage capacitor use in US, Latin America and some Asian country like Korea, Japan etc.

Standard product range up to only 15kvDC ,capacitance in higher than 20kv to 40kv all outsource from Asia (China), HVCA have OEM manufacturer in East Asia… The less control making quality not stable and lake of core technology unable to support important Military/ Medicine /Industry project.

HVC Capacitor already cooperate with some HVCA distributor,we have on hand experience to replace full range HVCA / CKE components. Welcome to consult with [email protected] for inquiry.

HVC ceramic capacitor is good alternative replacement cross reference for HVCA (CKE) brand HV ceramic capacitor.

Concerned HVCA (CKE) part number:

Lead type:

NY3Y5P201M10KV  NY3Y5P471M10KV NY3Y5P561M10KV NY3Y5P681M10KV NY3Y5P102M10KV 

NY3Y5P152M10KV NY3Y5P252M10KV  NY3Y5P201M12KV NY3Y5P471M12KV NY3Y5P561M12KV 

 NY3Y5P681M12KV NY3Y5P102M12KV  NY3Y5P152M12KV NY3Y5P252M12KV NY3Y5P201M15KV

NY3Y5P471M15KV NY3Y5P561M15KV NY3Y5P681M15KV NY3Y5P102M15KV NY3Y5P152M15KV

  NY3Y5P252M15KV NY3Y5P221M18KV NY3Y5P471M18KV NY3Y5P561M18KV NY3Y5P681M18KV

  NY3Y5P102M18KV NY3Y5P152M18KV NY3Y5P561M20KV NY3Y5P561M20KV NY3Y5P561M20KV

 NY3Y5P561M20KV NY3Y5P561M20KV NY3Y5P561M20KV NY3Y5U561M10KV NY3Y5U681M10KV 

NY3Y5U102M10KV NY3Y5U122M10KV NY3Y5U182M10KV NY3Y5U222M10KV NY3Y5U332M10KV 

NY3Y5U472M10KV NY3Y5U562M10KV NY3Y5U682M10KV NY3Y5U561M12KV NY3Y5U681M12KV

 NY3Y5U102M12KV NY3Y5U122M12KV NY3Y5U182M12KV NY3Y5U222M12KV NY3Y5U332M12KV

 NY3Y5U472M12KV NY3Y5U562M12KV NY3Y5U682M12KV NY3Y5U561M15KV NY3Y5U681M15KV

NY3Y5U102M15KV NY3Y5U122M15KV NY3Y5U182M15KV NY3Y5U222M15KV NY3Y5U332M15KV

 NY3Y5U472M15KV NY3Y5U562M15KV  NY3Y5U561M18KV  NY3Y5U681M18KV NY3Y5U102M18KV 

 NY3Y5U122M18KV  NY3Y5U182M18KV  NY3Y5U222M18KV  NY3Y5U332M18KV  NY3Y5U472M18KV 

 NY3Y5U561M20KV  NY3Y5U681M20KV  NY3Y5U102M20KV  NY3Y5U122M20KV  NY3Y5U182M20KV 

NY3Y5U222M20KV  NY3Y5U332M20KV  NY3Y5U472M20KV