January 11, 2017

Susumu – Amongst the Industry Best Provider of Thin Film Technology Products

Susumu – Amongst the Industry Best Provider of Thin Film Technology Products

History of Susumu Electronic Parts:

Susumu was founded on July 1964 in Kamikyoku, Kyoto, Japan. The company takes pride in being one of the world leaders of thin film technology. The company’s registered name is Susumu CO. LTD and the president of Susumu is Yuzo Kamimura. The capital of the company is 490,000,000 yen. Susumu first started in Kamikyoku, Japan but the company moved its headquarters in 1965 to Shimokyoku, Japan. A few years later, in 1969, because of the expanding of the company, Susumu moved its headquarters this time to Minamiku, Japan. During the 70s, Susumu kept growing and established tow new factories. One of the factories was in Minnesota, USA. In 1998, Susumu acquired ISO 9001 that was certified by JQA and in 2000 the company acquired ISO 14001 that was certified by JQA. The company kept growing by establishing more facilities in China, Germany and the USA. The banks that Susumu utilizes are Mizuho Bank, Bank of Kyoto, and the Kyoto Shinkin Bank.

About Susumu Electronic Parts and Its Product Range:

The main product lines of Susumu are thin film surface mount resistors, current sensing surface mount resistors, thick film surface mount resistors, power choke coils, and high frequency surface mount components. The thin film chip resistors are excellent for tolerance to power surges and are used for any application that requires precision resistors such as automotive electronics, industrial test and measurement equipment and consumer electronics. The thin film surface mount resistors consist of the following series: RGseries, RMseries, RRseries, and RTseries. The RG series resistance drift of the thin film chip resistors consists of less than +/-.01% after 1000 hour accelerated reliability test, +/-.02% of resistance tolerance and +/-5ppm/C of temperature coefficient of resistance. The RM series metal film resistor networks are used in applications that require a precise relative resistance ratio like voltage dividers and gain-setting circuits for amplifiers. They use ultra-reliability: 10,000 hours of 85C/85RH test or 10,000 of 155C high temperature exposure test causes less than +/-0.1 resistance drift. The KRL series (Shor-side terminals) of metal foil low resistance chip resistors are used for PCs, hard drive discs, audio visual equipment, power sources, inverters, automotive electronics, industrial machining equipment, and measurements. The foil low resistance chip resistors KRL series (4 terminal type) are used in smart phones, mobile phones, PCs, hard drive disc, audio visual equipment power sources, inverters, automotive, electronics, industrial machining equipment, and industrial test and measurements.

The current sensing surface mount resistors consist of PRL series, KRL series, YJP series, and RLT series. The power choke coils consist of PCMB series and PCM, PS series. Some features of the power choke coils are that they are low profile; occupy small board spaces and low loss and high saturating current. The applications they are used in are PCs, servers, power resources, mobile devices, and flat screen TVs. The high frequency surface mount components consist of precision chip attenuators and temperature-compensated chip attenuators.

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