December 31, 2016

Tesla Coils – Using Tesla Secret To Building And Generating Free Electricity For Your Home

Tesla Coils – Using Tesla Secret To Building And Generating Free Electricity For Your Home

Another term for Tesla Coil is “Air-core resonant transformer”. It is a device Tesla invented in order to induce currents of VERY high voltage and very high frequency. It was an incredibly important device for his work and discoveries.

Most people today build Tesla Coils because they produce a fantastic light show, but Tesla himself built them for scientific exploration. With his coils of every size, he discovered the effects that different high voltage electromagnetic frequencies produced, including X rays. He also invented fluorescent lighting, ozone machines, and various other devices with the aid of his coils.

Another field of study he explored with his coils was the wireless transmission of energy. Everyone today will say it’s impossible, but I’ve yet to see anyone perform the experiment exactly the way Tesla described it. He knew of things that we have not yet re-discovered.

Contrary to popular belief, Tesla Coils do not produce static sparks. In fact, there’s no such thing as a “static” or “stationary” spark. Even when you rub your feet on the floor and spark on a doorknob, a very small current flows at about 3000 volts. The sparks from a Tesla Coil are actually very high frequency AC or pulsed DC currents, and the sparks are the way the top of the coil produces a complete circuit with the ground.

You can also use this system to generate free electricity to power your home. There are many people who do use such system to power their homes and the technology dose nothing but increases even as we speak.

Do you want to learn how you too can generate free electricity to power your house at no cost? If yes, then you should download a copy of the Tesla Secret.

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