December 14, 2015

The use of high voltage screw terminal type capacitor.

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The use of high voltage screw terminal type capacitor.

Please be careful not to move, the capacitor falling, in order to avoid internal capacitor damage of ceramic core;
Please do not keep in a dry, clean, clean indoor seal, not to be kept together with other chemicals in order to avoid corrosion;
When the lock screw is gently tightened, do not be too hard, so as not to damage the thread, and may even lead to the loss of the electrode and the porcelain core loss and damage to the capacitor;

This series of high voltage ceramic capacitor is suitable for application in the following circumstances: transformer oil, epoxy resin, CAPACITOR gas, etc., if not do special structure treatment, do not recommend the use of CAPACITOR in the air!

DOORKNOB series capacitor is designed for smart grid design of high precision products, please use AC voltage! If you want to apply to the DC voltage circuit, please contact CAPACITOR HV, CAPACITOR HVC consulting related series of products.

Please use the rated voltage and other rated parameters of the capacitor in strict accordance with the rated voltage of the capacitor!
DOORKNOB series is power level products, especially suitable for transformers, circuit breakers, sensors and other circuits, such as voltage, storage, protection, coupling and so on!



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