December 14, 2015

Why HVC high voltage capacitor 50KV502K can have so high electrical performance?

Why HVC high voltage capacitor 50KV502K can have so high electrical performance?

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Put a high voltage capacitor to achieve 50KV5000PF and Y5U is not so big, so three kinds of ceramic, which is required for a certain skill. Why can our products achieve such good results?
High voltage ceramic capacitor is in good condition, and the two kinds of ceramics are sintered into high voltage ceramic capacitor. The most common problem is that the electric power is too bad, or it is not stable. Why is this?

Due to the high voltage capacitor chip is too large, it is prone to burn through the sintering, or even burn them thoroughly, but the formation of crystalline structure is not good, after a period of time, it will be aging. A few years ago, we have seen this kind of situation: high voltage ceramic capacitor laboratory burned out, quite excellent performance a few months later, the collection can take out test, found the original play voltage to the 100KV no problem, but now only the voltage of 60KV. To continue, will be found that the voltage is reduced. The reason for this is that the crystallization is not good enough.

Of course, in addition to the crystallization of the aging problem, there is another problem, is the problem. Because the Yi fat epoxy seal outsourcing ceramic capacitor is a layer of thick resin. This resin is slowly stress changes. The change of stress will affect the decline in capacitance performance. (instead, if the chip itself is no problem, with the collection of time increases, performance of high voltage capacitor will become more stable).


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