December 14, 2015

Why is the pin of the capacitor easily broken after soldering?

Give us a bit of electronic processing knowledge. Electronic components (for example, high voltage ceramic capacitor) to households in the hands will be processed into a variety of electronic products.

It is easier to understand. Last year, we have a German customers in our first time. He bought a batch of 40KV202K high voltage ceramic capacitors. We often love to say "we all know" this sentence, in fact, this is a normal thing, in fact, people do not understand.

You really scared. We will be such a low breakdown voltage, it is a serious problem! To realize the high voltage ceramic capacitor voltage of our standard is 2 times larger than the rated voltage. He said, directly said this batch of goods is a waste, can not be used. Our foreign colleagues patiently asked them to use how in the work environment? The upset guests directly to the high voltage ceramic capacitor exposed in air using So that is what it is.!

This high voltage ceramic capacitor must be in transformer oil, or in the use of epoxy resin, the use of this method, which directly leads to the failure of the heat and breakdown.

Last week, a customer told the event. A customer took the high voltage ceramic capacitor, the terminal was welded. Then, when the fixed pin was found, the pin was easy to break off! So no matter twenty-one or three seven, all the goods back!

Originally, the guest is not terminal clamp, nor with the terminal machine, but with soldering method. Thus, the formation of a pin surface alloy layer. The alloy layer is hard and folded several times, some pin is easily broken. More seriously, they combed the welding foot blade useful. This is hurting the pin itself!

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