May 6, 2016

Will Double Time Epoxy Encapsulating Impact on Quality of High Voltage Capacitor -

Will double time Epoxy Encapsulating impact on the quality of  high voltage capacitor ?

Today, a Taiwanese customer call to reflect the problem is: he used our two capacitors: 15KV471 and 10KV103. their products are exported to foreign countries after the discovery of high voltage capacitors can not work.
Guests details of the use of the case: after the purchase of our products, the test, two high voltage ceramic capacitor voltage performance are good. Then plug in PCB board processing, casting epoxy resin, finished products are exported to Burma.
Now they have ruled out a variety of negative possibilities, and finally identified as a problem. The use of the detection and detection is not a problem, so that they can not find their solution, the final identification: is not the two casting, resulting in the internal force of the capacitor, damage?
In the face of their questions, and I must tell them: may not affect the stress caused by pouring two times, because most of our customers will take the two time that the products of potting, has never had this problem. Some other factors.
So I asked them what the high voltage capacitors were used for the purpose of the high frequency filter.
The problem immediately found the answer: guests use the wrong material: high frequency products, there is no 10KV103 such capacitors, because 10KV103M is used Y5V or Y5U this three kinds of ceramic do, belong to low frequency data. Only for use in 1KHZ.
So, I recommend the user to switch to Y5T material of high voltage capacitors, the 10KV103M for the. This is the fundamental treatment. With the wrong one, the consequences are very serious, so, we also recommend colleagues in the customer recommended capacitor to ask the user’s actual use, not to the user what to give, but the most appropriate high-voltage capacitance sold to customers.

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