February 19, 2015

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturing Plant Glance- HVC Capacitor.

Factory Tour for HVC Capacitor Production Plant


                                                                       By:HVC Capacitor,Sales Marketing Department.

1.Three in one Welding machine, mostly use in smaller size capacitor like lower than 10kv,  The three process include wire forming(or we call lead, pin),bonding and welding. this automatic tunnel can enchance production efficiency and finally saving product cost.




2. Wire forming machine for bigger size capacitor building the metal wire, HVC Capacitor have maximun size capacitor item up to 40mm, That is quite hugh and hard to find from the market, The 40cm diameter item like 40kv 10000pf call "pure labor production", which include this handy wire forming step.



To be continue……

Following is frequenty use spec for HV Ceramic Disc Type Capacitors.

10kv 100pf Capacitor, 20kv 100pf, 40kv 2200pf, 30kv 5000pf, 10kv 220pf, 50kv 22pf, 20kv 10pf UJ,500kv 500pf

40kv 500pf,30kv 500pf, 20kv 4700pf, 20kv 10000pf,15kv 10000pf, 40kv 10000pf,30kv capacitors, 10kv capacitors, 1kv  to 8kv,

40kv 3300pf, 3kv 4700pf, and High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Datasheet.







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