December 14, 2015

Why 35KV2NF HVC’s high voltage ceramic capacitor size so BIG!

Why 35KV2NF HVC's high voltage ceramic capacitor size so BIG!


Someone asked: I want high voltage ceramic capacitor 35KV, the size is so big, can't go on pretending! Why so big? Can do some?
35KV2000PF high voltage ceramic capacitor, if according to the conventional design, the size is small, the so-called conventional, is the product of the same size, the same capacity and voltage DC high voltage ceramic capacitor will be more than AC high voltage ceramic capacitor:

Rated working voltage    nominal capacity            test voltage

AC 2000PF +-5% KV 75 KVAC is greater than 185 +-1MM 80 120+-1 MM 35KV
DC 2000PF +-10% KV 75 KVDC is greater than 110 60+-1 MM 34+-1 MM 40KV


It is not difficult to see from the table, the two capacitors a communication, a DC, with a very good ceramic medium, but the difference can be seen on the appearance, the performance difference is greater! 35KVAC this high voltage capacitor, with 75KVAC test two minutes completely without the problem. If the 40KV this KVAC to test, may be in the 50KVAC after the breakdown!

Not only voltage, partial discharge is also not the same as the.35KVAC high-voltage capacitor, in the 50KVAC test board is zero, while the partial discharge of the high voltage ceramic capacitor in 15KVAC is qualified, the board is less than 5PC.

Of course, the difference is more than that. For example, the two high voltage ceramic capacitor of the temperature change rate of.35KV in the -40 degree to +85 degree range, capacity of about 1%, while the capacity of the 40KV is about greater than 15%.

So, don't complain that the high voltage capacitance of 35KVAC is too big!

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